The fascination for the bizarre summits and peaks of the Dolomites attracts anyone and everyone. They imposingly throne over everyday life like messengers from times gone by. When climbing in the Dolomites you find yourself amidst this archaic mountain world and feel the unique Dolomite rocks, name-giver for the mountain range, with your bare hands.

Climbing in South Tyrol is however not limited to the Dolomites: the Main Alpine Ridge in the north of the region is no less charming, and features technically demanding routes. Climbing is as varied as South Tyrol itself: Dolomites today, the Main Alpine Ridge tomorrow. We'll show you the best tours!

Guided climbing tours
The certified mountain and ski guide Matthias Hofer will accompany you on the climbing tours in the Dolomites and the Main Alpine Ridge in South Tyrol. In summer (climbing, sports climbing, high-alpine tours, hiking), but also in winter (ski tours, ice climbing, snow-shoe hikes, freeride), he will safely bring you to the most breath-taking places in the Dolomites.