Speck dumplings

Every South Tyrolean loves speck dumplings (Speck-Knödel). It is a classic in our kitchen and a feast for the eyes and the palate. Speck dumplings are made of dry bread and speck, the typical South Tyrolean smoked ham. Usually they are served just with salad, but sometimes also as a side dish. Because it is quite easy and convenient to make them, they are rooted deep in our history: the first painted picture of speck dumplings can be found in the chapel of Castle Hocheppan on a 800 year old fresco. 

Recipe (for 8 dumplings):

100  g of South Tyrolean speck, cut into small cubes
1/2 onion
150 g of hard and dry white bread (Semmel work best), cut into small cubes
100 ml of milk
2 eggs

- Stir the eggs with the milk and pour it over the bread cubes; let the dough rest for half an hour
- Cut the onion into small cubes, sweat them with butter in a pan and put it into the dough
- Cut the speck into cubes, roast it shortly (!) with butter in a pan and put it also in the dough
- Now put some salt, pepper and the parsley in it
- Knead the dough, form dumplings with your hands and cook them in salted water not too hot for 15 to 20 minutes

Little knödel rolling school:

1. Make your hands wet
2. Form dumplings and press them gently
3. Roll the dumpling in your hands to close it so that no water can get inside during the cooking. This way we also don't need to add any flour.  
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