Our hotel with private spa grants you romantic hours together. At last time for yourself and your loved one. A shared bath in our large Jacuzzi sets the scene. Then you enjoy an undisturbed sauna. After your hot sauna in our hotel with private spa a huge water bed invites you to relax and fall asleep to the gentle sounds of music.
Our tip: combine your undisturbed time out in the private spa with the wine and herbs romance package. It offers couples moment of pure joy together:

  • Two gentle detox packs: the pack with field thyme and Swiss pine promotes blood flow, its natural active ingredients have a balancing and harmonising effect
  • Two grape seed oil massages: this intensifying massage provides thorough deep relaxation
  • Bath and romance in the private spa: a shared bath with Prosecco and grapes, and a restful hour on our giant water bed round off the Romance package.