• Wine & Alpine Herbs Beauty Package
    Our “Wine & Alpine Herbs Beauty Package” ensures all-round beauty: while the massage with the active ingredients of sea buckthorn and grapes makes your skin soft and supple, our classic facial treatment with the active ingredients of grape seeds revitalises your facial skin and reduces wrinkles. A manicure and pedicure complete the beauty package.
    1. Beauty Massage Sea Buckthorn & Wine Grapes (25 minutes)
    2. Classic Facial Treatment
    3. Manicure and Pedicure
    3 hours · 198,00 € > 159,00 €

  • Wine & Alpine Herbs Detox Package
    Our Detox package purifies and detoxifies the whole body. The peeling with sea salt and grape seeds opens the skin pores and reinforces the detoxification process. This is followed by an alpine mud body wrap which not only stimulates the metabolism but also ensures effective purification. The purification is completed by a massage with herbal pouches which has a balancing and energizing effect. A daily sauna is also recommended.
    1. Peeling with Sea Salt & Grape Seed Oil Massage
    2. Detoxifying Wrap with Alpine Mud
    3. Detox Herbal Pouches Massage
    2½ hours · 186,00 € > 142,00 €

  • Wine & Alpine Herbs Relax Package 
    The Vinoble foot ritual is the ideal way to start this treatment: Your feet are pampered with a salt scrub and pure grape seed oil. This is followed by a revitalising wine wrap for your feet. For refreshment, we serve you a fine, alcohol-free grape juice from South Tyrol. This is followed by a head, neck and shoulder massage for deep relaxation and a feeling of weightlessness. Recharge your batteries for new tasks.
    1. Vinoble Feet Ritual
    2. Head-Neck-Shoulder Massage
    1½ hours · 118,00 € > 92,00 €

  • Wine & Alpine Herbs Regeneration Package 
    Our regeneration package ensures recovery after strenuous mountain hikes and provides new energy. The sea salt grape seed peeling prepares the skin for the following regeneration pack. The now open pores enable the active ingredients of arnica and St. John’s wort to penetrate the skin even more effectively. The active ingredients stimulate the blood circulation and revitalise the muscles. The final leg massage restores strength and energy for new mountain adventures.
    1. Peeling with Sea Salt & Grape Seed Oil
    2. Regeneration Body wrap Alpine Arnica & St. John’s wort
    3. Vitalizing foot and leg massage
    2 hours · 150,00 € > 118,00 €

  • Wine & Alpine Herbs Romantic Package
    Our Romantic Package offers couples moments of joy and happiness for two. The high-quality extracts from grape, sea buckthorn and baobab make the skin firm and supple. The grape seed oil massage provides deep relaxation and has a harmonising effect. The shared bath in our private spa with wine and grapes and relaxing on the giant water bed complete our romantic package.
    1. Two Beauty Wraps Sea Buckthorn & Wine Grapes
    2. Two Grape Seed Oil Massages
    3. Romantic Bath in the Private Spa
    3 hours · 244,00 € > 148,00 €