• Wine & Herbs Beauty Package
    Our "Wine & Herbs Beauty Package" provides overall beauty: During a massage with the active agents marigold and camomile for gentle ski, the Vino mask revitalises your facial skin and lets wrinkles disappear. A manicure and pedicure complete the beauty package:
    1. Perfect Beauty massage
    2. Facial treatment: Vino mask
    3. Manicure and pedicure
    Package rate: 182.00 € (instead of 238.00 €)

  • Wine & Herbs Anti-Cellulite Package
    Our Anti-Cellulite Package fights cellulite in an effective way: First, essential toxins are eliminated with a Vinoble essence wrap. The Vitalis vital boli herbal stamps massage reduces cellulite and tightens the skin with the active agents of herbs and natural vegetable oils. With the help of the innovative Vitalis resonance massage, cellulite is treated with the traditional cupping glass method afterwards.
    1. Cellulite Viniferine wrap
    2. Herbal stamps massage
    3. Two Vitalis resonance massages Cellulite
    Package rate: 184.00 € (instead of 242.00 €)


  • Wine & Herbs Detox Package
    Our Detox Package has an overall cleansing and detoxification effect. The sea salt-grape seed peeling first opens the skin pores, and thereby supports the detoxification process. The seaweed-detoxification pack that follows does not only stimulate metabolism, but also effective detoxification. A massage with the active agents of juniper and hay flowers ends the process in a gentle way. We recommend visiting the sauna daily to intensify the effect of the Detox Package.
    1. Sea salt-grape seed peeling
    2. Cellulite seaweed pack
    3. Gentle Detox massage
    Package rate: 108.00 € (144.00 €)

  • Wine & Herbs Relax Package
    Relax with the powers of wine & alpine herbs: A pomace pack consisting of grape seed flour, honey and wine, prepares the body for deep relaxation. The nerve-strengthening field thyme, and the balancing effect of Swiss pine used in the massage provide new power and a feeling of zero gravity. The facial treatment with facial massage that follows, completes the Wine & Herbs Relax Package.
    1. Pomace pack
    2. Deep Relax massage
    3. Classic facial treatment
    Package rate: 138.00 € (instead of 178.00 €)


  • Wine & Herbs Regeneration Package
    Our Regeneration Package provides recreation and relaxation for tired joints. In addition to the detoxifying effect, the Alpine Fango Detox pack also has an extraordinary influence on muscles and joints: the hot pack also loosens and stimulates circulation. A massage with grape seed oil leads to complete relaxation of stressed muscles, and at the same time revitalises the body cells. The herbal stamps massage at the end, provides new strength and energy for your adventures in the mountains.
    1. Alpine Fango Detox pack
    2. Grape seed massage
    3. Herbal stamps massage Vitality
    Package rate: 98.00 € (instead of 128.00 €)

  • Wine & Herbs Romance Package
    The Wine & Herbs Romance Package provides moments of happiness for couples: a Detox Pack with field thyme and Swiss pine stimulates circulation and has a balancing and harmonising effect thanks to the natural active agents. A massage supports the effect of the pack and provides deep relaxation. In our Private Spa you enjoy a bath together with a glass of sparkling wine and wine grapes, and afterwards you can relax together for one hour on the huge waterbed.
    1. Two Gentle Detox packs
    2. Two grape seed massages
    3. Bath & romance in the Private Spa
    Package rate: 128.00 € (instead of 177.00 €)