Not long ago, the UNESCO declared the Dolomites a World Natural Heritage Site, and thereby officially confirmed what South Tyrol's guests have always known: with their rough and steep rock formations surrounded by lush meadows and alpine areas, the Dolomites are wonderful and legendary places, that you should definitely have seen once in a lifetime. Or simply in the words of mountaineer Reinhold Messner: "the most beautiful mountains in the world".

The many fixed-rope climbing trails in the Dolomites are ideal to literally get into close touch with the South Tyrolean mountains. The routes are secured with steel ropes and ladders. A mountain experience without major risks, and not only for beginners. There are also fixed-rope climbs for advanced climbers. However, regardless of the difficulty of the climb: the fascination of the Dolomites is present on all routes.

Here you'll see some of the most beautiful fixed-rope climbs in the Dolomites in the vicinity of the Granpanorama Hotel StephansHof: