Hiking on the alpine pastures in South Tyrol
Alpine pastures are amongst the most beautiful hiking destinations in alpine landscapes. Since the Neolithic Age, these green stripes enclosing the mountains like a belt, have been used by mountain farmers as grazing land for cattle, horses, sheep and goats. The alpine pastures are ideal for hiking, also for non-professionals, since there are no challenging ascents or difficult passages.

Hiking on the alpine pastures of Villandro with a splendid panoramic view of the Dolomites
The alpine pasture "Villanderer Alm" is one of the most beautiful in South Tyrol. A unique hiking area characterised by lush alpine meadows, moors, lakes, and grassy mountain summits. About 100 alpine huts are scattered on the alpine pasture. Most of them welcome hikers throughout the summer months. Those looking for genuine and traditional life on alpine huts will find it right here.

Hiking in the Dolomites
The Dolomites provide the highlight of every hiking vacation in South Tyrol. The majestic rock formations will attract your attention and amaze you during your hike: here, you'll experience South Tyrol from its genuine and wild side. Since 2009, the bizarre Dolomite peaks have been a declared UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Hikers have always known about their beauty. The Dolomites are "the most beautiful mountains in the world" (R. Messner).

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