Törggelen in the Isarco Valley
Törggelen originates from an old custom in the Isarco Valley in South Tyrol: in autumn, when the harvest of a busy year was finally done, the still young wine was tasted in the traditional wood-panelled Stube (traditional living rooms in farmhouses) with wine traders and hosts. Of course, the most varied culinary delights from South Tyrolean farmers' cuisine were also served. Still today, Törggelen stands for culinary tradition, comfort and social moments, and for a hike through the autumn landscape of the Isarco Valley. The rather strange name "Törggelen" derives from the South Tyrolean word for grape press, namely "Torggl" (from the latin "torquere", press, turn). It is unknown how old this tradition is.

The Isarco Valley, cradle of Törggelen
It is certain however, that Törggelen has its origins in the Isarco Valley in South Tyrol. Even if only good white wines grown on the steep slopes in the valley, the quantity has always been rather modest. Due to the low quantity, it is assumed that only a few farmers had enough wine for the whole year. To a great extent the barrels would have been emptied during the course of the year, and did not last from one harvest to the next. Therefore, the joy of having new wine was of course great. Another explanation says, that Törggelen used to be a tradition to finalise a barter trade, where wine was swapped for the highly requested grazing rights on the high-alpine pastures of the Isarco Valley.

Hiking, pleasure and zest for life
Törggelen in the Isarco Valley is very popular amongst old and young. The sweet most ("Siaßer") and young wine ("Nuier"), sausages, ravioli with spinach and ricotta filling, dumplings and cabbage, and of course chestnuts and sweet doughnuts are enjoyed together with traditional music in traditional South Tyrolean Stube.

The Granpanorama Hotel StephansHof is located in Villandro in the Isarco Valley, hence in the heart of the Törggele region. The village is considered a stronghold of Törggelen, and therefore features numerous farms, which welcome guests to celebrate this old tradition.