Even during Roman times, the wine that grows in South Tyrol was highly appreciated. From Cato to Vergil we received praise for South Tyrolean wine, and the Emperors Tiberius and Augustus used to drink Rhaetian wine too. Still today the story of Emperor Tiberius – also called "Biberius" due to his love for drink – is known. Apparently he appointed a guard on the hill where the St. Jakob Church in Kastelatz is, in order to protect the vineyards in Termeno that he loved so dearly.

Wine from South Tyrol: quality and tradition
South Tyrolean wine continues to convince wine lovers. Even though the region features a growing area of only about 5000 hectares, the wines receive awards from various Italian wine guides every year. Considering the rather small growing area in South Tyrol, our small mountain province in the north of Italy is the most successful wine region in Italy.

The Isarco Valley, South Tyrol's white wine region
The Isarco Valley between Bolzano and Bressanone is the white wine region of South Tyrol. The unmistakable characteristic wines with fine minerality grow on the steep slopes opposite the Dolomites. In addition to classic white wines like Veltliner, Riesling and Pinot Grigio, which grow especially well here and surprise with a complex aroma, also special wines like Sylvaner, Kerner or Gewürztraminer are grown. Here in the Isarco Valley, they are fruity and full of temperament. The white wines from the Isarco Valley have these special characteristics thanks to the special position: cool nights and hot days, and the good ventilation due to the position in the narrow valley provide a varied aroma.

Bolzano and South Tyrol's South
The wine town Bolzano is mainly known for the two autochthonic red wines Lagrein and St. Magdalener. Lagrein has become well known in the wine sector. Here the vines enjoy the hot, mediterranean climate of South Tyrol's capital and develops a gentle aroma of violet, cherries and blackberries. The two biggest wine growing communities of the region are located in Überetsch, from where the most popular South Tyrolean wine drives, namely the Vernatsch wine. The main two wine growing villages here are Appiano and Caldaro. The variety and quality of the wines that grow here are hard to beat. This is also valid for the Unterland region, home of the world-renowned Gewürztraminer.

Of course the quality of South Tyrolean wine cannot be measured in points. You have to look, smell and taste, since the variety of South Tyrol is also present in the wine: South Tyrol assembled in a glass.